3 days itinerary in Seville

How to spend a weekend in Seville?

The route suggested allows you to be able to see the major sites of historical and cultural interest, leaving you space to enjoy the slow pace of the the city and its cozy atmosphere.

The trip can also be scheduled in the winter, the temperature is around 24 degrees. The period allows you to explore the city away from the hustle of tourists who flock in the warmer months, and why not, to find cheaper fares well, contributing to the local economy continues. Seville is a friendly town, offers much the whole year. The sun, the good food and the beauty of its cultural centers are not limited in the seasons.

Why is a place to go?

Seville offers a rich cultural heritage, between Gothic and Arabic coops, immersed in the vibrant Spanish culture. Sitting in cafes and squares, with a sky mostly blue and a sun that also warms not with summer temperatures.

Seville is touristy, but does not treat you as a tourist.You will find hospitality, way of doing genuine and open.

Which are the most important sites to visit?

  • The Cathedral of Seville, the third largest in the world. An imposing and impressive architecture. It stands along the square, with around the colours of the gardens, in a setting of horses and carriages.
  • Plaza de Espana, will leave you speechless. Among the most beautiful squares of all. Offset from the center, but easily reachable on foot or by bike. Attached to the square, you will find the Maria Luisa Park.
  • Alcazar Seville: made almost entirely of Arab style, with Gothic style notes. Like visiting other times, immerse yourself in the past. Just off the Real Alcazar, the beautiful square surrounded by citrus groves.

 Where to stay in Seville?

The accommodation and hotel facilities are cured and the costs are very reasonable.

Plaza Santa Cruz is the historic center of the city, the most characteristic and where trovete shops within the narrow streets. Colourful and lively, but without doubt the most convenient spot to move throughout the city.

The structure that we recommend is the Hostal Plaza Santa Cruz. Welcoming Guest House, well maintained. Details make the difference. Candles, and restoration of artistic objects, certain references to the architecture of Andalusia, creating a warm and refined atmosphere. The staff only operates and always present. From the Hotel you can move very easily to the most important attractions.

There are several artistic works along the city, but by far the most interesting side is that the center is entirely on foot. If you own, you have the need to use means of transport. Great to use bikes or buses that use renewable energy sources.

The walking routes along the city will make you feel the true essence of this beautiful city that still does not give in to the tourist track, but retains its authenticity.

 What’s not to miss ?

Flamenco, dance and music are the living tradition of Andalucian culture. His dancers and guitar notes will accompany your journey. There are several small theather in which attend a show “live”. As it will perhaps seem a little ‘shopping or tourism; one must remember that attend the shows, keeps alive a culture, it helps to keep alive a tradition.

Flamenco is not gone, but it is still very present. Sala Flamenco is one of the most beautiful of the city for nightlife, where young people spend an entire night, on the notes of flamenco and live music.

A family space, very informal, is La Carboneria. You will spend an unusual evening. You may arrive at any time of the evening, music and dance performances are held approximately every 30 minutes. An unusual setting, very unsophisticated. If you decide to go in the summer, also you will have an outdoor garden. In the cooler months, you will also reap in front of fireplace, together with the artists who will play and will give you that sense of familiarity and local culture, understood as a “unique experience.”

In three days, you can walk around and see the lights and colours the park along the bridge that links  to Barrio Triana. One of the focal points of the city, rich in history and culture of this city that has preserved its true spirit.



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