A Camera and a Backpack – Second part

A road trip with a camera and a backpack ( second part)

Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer

In the last episode, we have seen the many trials and adventures that have brought this homeless videographer towards Portugal, arriving in Guarda one week in advance before the first day of shooting for the documentary about the tradition of Bombos in Fundão. So, taking advantage of the seven days off, I would like to step back in our storyline and introduce you to two wonders of nature: Jessica “the stray drifter”, who lives in a van in Bologna and surroundings, and Maddalena Artusi, a great painter who hosted me at his house in the province of Parma. Two women, two houses (of a different nature.) a mother with her son, and a vagrant with his dog. The journey is also this, or above all this: the meetings that you make along the way, the people who opens the doors of his own world and tell about themselves to the traveller who bears many stories, but who is a thirsty listener as well.

  • Episode 2 –  “Camper Lifestyle”



  • Episode 3 – ” Maddalena Artusi – Painter”

Note: Subtitles available from video settings


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A road trip with a camera and a backpack- First Part



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