A camera and a backpack – Third Part

A road trip with a camera and a backpack (third part)

Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer

Norbert Jouveau is a french shepherd-actor-hotelier-baker and cook that I met by pure chance, thanks to the magic of hitchhiking, along the way to Portugal. He gave me a lift in a country road and had the good heart to invite me to his “Ferme-Auberge”, where I put the tent and had to have a little chat with him: an amazing encounter. Years ago, Norbert restored an abandoned farm, turning it into a little hotel with a room for concerts and theatre performances, in the middle of the woods. All by himself. Now he takes care of the sheeps, of the rooms, the bureaucracy and the reservations, and he bakes the bread with organic flour from a near-by mill, for its guests and for the market in the little village. A dozen men’s job, all in his hands. And, while baking the bread, he also had the patience to give me a small interview, before I put myself on the road again, 1.500 miles to go and 2 weeks before start shooting the documentary about the tradition of bombos in Fundão. Fundão was the destination of my pilgrimage, but the journey is also this, or this above all: the people you meet along the way. As a videographer, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pull out my tools and document this incredible person: it is important to give attention not only to the goal you want to achieve, but also to the moment you’re living right now and right there, with all the treasures it can give you. Norbert Jouveau, in this case, was the treasure of a simple day in the middle of nowhere.

  • Episode 3 -“Hitchhiking to  France: Norbert Jouveau, shepherd-actor-hotelier-baker and cook”

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