A camera and a backpack on the road

A road trip with a camera and a backpack

Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer

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When I became homeless I just packed a backpack and without thinking I went for the next work plan: filming  a two-weeks workshop at Upcycling- Ecodesign Bike Cafe in Salento , near Gallipoli, and the inauguration of a new space given back to light after 40 years of neglect. A trip by its nature leads to unexpected meetings and surprises, and the problem of being “homeless” was immediately revealed as an opportunity to record the existence of these ripples that travelling shows up, and share those riches experiences, from the point of view of a videographer at work. In this case, while I was filming the Bike Cafe, I met  an American folk musician:Craig Judelman, and on my way to Portugal for the next job ( a Portuguese traditional drums documentary ) there have been hundreds of kilometres by hitchhiking, while I run into an antiquarian restaurateur, a shepherd,  Catalan songs and dances, a young walnut wine producer (traditional Catalan), and a winemaker at the Portuguese border, which led me in his vineyards to control the sugar’s level and to decide the harvest’s day.  This was just the beginning of a journey started 7 months ago in which you cannot see – or plan the end.


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 “The work at: Salento Bike Cafe”


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