B&B Vinciucci is the place to feel “at Home” in Sicily

Here you eat. Here you sleep. Here Sicily.

Andrea Migliore telling of himself and “Vinciucci”: tells of “home” and, at the end of this interview, you will definitely want to come see him.

Why visiting Andrea?

B & B Vinciucci, it is far from any hospitality fixed rule. As he says: Here is a party!

Andrea after high school’s graduation decided to attend the University that was not exactly a good choice. In fact, after a legal studies, he decided that perhaps he could not see himself right between the office and paperwork, but he wanted to try to leave the country and make a different choice.

Was six years, 5 of which lived between London and England , with some breaks in Italy.

What kind of work experience you’ve done in London?

Under the pressure of friends, a bit ‘by chance”, my profession has been created by itself. A beginning as an assistant in the kitchen, and then growing into other roles, to become “Chef de partie”. I worked for large restaurant chains, and many restaurants Michelin stars. I would say that to become a chef, was certainly programmed plan but, I don’t deny that from the first moment that role suited form me, I liked and I carried on.

Now living back in Sicily and  “Vinciucci”. Why did you come back?

I came back about a year ago, and since then I am working on future plans for the house. London was an important experience, as business city and life’s progression. Comparing the two lives, perhaps too busy then, ,today my life is totally different. Before the job was absorbing most of my time, leaving in a little room, was the only space for my private life. Today mine rhythms of life mingle with my business and I get over the evening, quite naturally.

What are the characteristics of B&B “Vinciucci”?

Vinciucci is an antique villa from the 1700’s built on the remains of a watchtower against the invasions of the Saracens. It stands on ancient carob fields and the sea, visible on the horizon, on the plateau ibleo between Modica and Ispica, in Ragusa. Vinciucci is the ancient name of the district, derived from the presence of numerous vineyards. Following a parasite that the blows, were totally destroyed, and today the crops are mostly wheat and carob. In recent years we have transplanted 2500 specimens of native plants. We made a simple vegetable garden, from which we produce most of the vegetables that we ourselves eat and from which we prepare the dishes for our guests.

The B&B was born 11 years ago, with the help of my family, which has created a new way to do hospitality linked to land, biological food, giving the territory also a sense of redemption. We use renewable energy sources, through the use of solar panels for hot water. In the future, I would like to realize a sustainable kitchen, targeted to the reduction of waste and reduce energy consumption through the use of the fireplace and the possibility of using wood for recovery and own production. The rooms have been fully realized and decorated by us, with the simple use of recycled materials, through the restoration of “once furniture” that give a decidedly “vintage touch.”

You’re a Chef. Do you take a care of meals in the farmhouse?

I take care the culinary aspect. I cook and prepare meals that are  served. Breakfast is a really “home-made” moment with products that we develop ourselves, like jams, bread and cakes, all “homemade”. Flour come from an ancient water mill, which was also adapted to the present Museum, for its ancient tradition. For lunches and dinners only large tables are set up, where we eat together; true occasion for celebration and joy. We are good to parting.”

What is the highlight of  Vinciucci House?

We give you the opportunity to enjoy people and take part in various cultural and artistic proposals that we make every day.

We promote itineraries and tours, especially in local’s events, when I am the guide. Easter Day is customary to go to the “Gioa” party, in Scicli, event related to the Resurrection of Christ, which is traditionally represented in a picturesque and almost grotesquely. This different way that we have to do hospitality, for many it is an unusual experience, which consists in as living fully the places, the traditions, be a participant and not just a tourist. Of course, initially seem disoriented, almost uncomfortable, our hospitality is spontaneous. Our Guests lives our everyday lives, our jobs, are involved in the life of every day and this way to “host” is in the end, much appreciated.

We organize various events, always related to health, culture and experimentation: dances course, cooking workshop and meditation classes.

We are, also, involved in cultural exchange projects, we adhere in fact, to the programs: WWOOF. The association that works to promote educational and cultural experiences, to help build a sustainable global community.

Andrea explains better what is its participation in the exchange projects with promotion association; “offering accommodation and food to people who come from various parts of the world, to do a low cost travel experience.In exchange the actively collaborate with the activities related to land, the farm and the maintenance of the house”.

What encourage people to move, and work? And for the family, what does mean, leaving, for long periods, with people from different cultures and uses?

“Being together”. An experience that enriches them and us at the same time. The opportunity to know each other, to hear our stories: some of them leave for a few weeks and then decide to stay a lot more. The atmosphere contributes a lot to the experience that you live in the house. Exchanges allow you to live in a multicultural environment, where we perhaps are the first to enjoy ourselves. The work, for the volunteers, is an excuse because you can travel for free, but the human exchange is most important result.”

Having a property, did affect your decision to leave back in your country?

The return was a personal choice, but it has certainly affected the sense of responsibility. My family took care of these places for a long time. I could not live my life, knowing that one day all the territory could go completely lost, or thinking, that I haven’t given enough to preserve it. These places still live of their beauty, and I want to make them accessible to others.

What has changed in your life?

!My life, my spaces, my are different. I look around today and there is  lot of work to do. My habits have changed, and even more,  the way I eat. In London I have learned to give more importance to the origin and quality of the products, which our health depends very much. Today, I struggle to feed on meat, whether it comes from an intensive breeding. I prefer thinking of an animal that is raised in large natural areas, under the sunlight, and freedom.!

Andrea still has many ideas, such as creating multi-functional spaces, in order to create events and moments of confrontation, create laboratories to increase culinary offerings, so as to appreciate the Sicilian tradition.

These are the decisive steps of someone who knows his land and is aware that it is the most precious thing we have; those who have turned their house into a multicultural meeting place, experiencing new forms of hospitality. Sustainability, compliance with the conditions and spaces for crops, and the creation of recreational moments. Familiar and genuine hospitality. Who comes back ,he does it sometimes, because it can look to the future, again. In this case in harmony with nature.

B & B Vinciucci is officially an Eco Diretion in Commuity.



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