Eco itineraries to discover Sardinia. Sardinia is the ideal destination if you want to combine relaxing holidays, nature and wonderful beaches. Eco Direction aims also to give visibility to initiatives that offer new ways to travel and explore. We are going to discover Go Tourist Sardinia; but we also like to talk about people and ideas, then le’t’s know better Alioscia Pau, founder […]

In Irpinia,often referred to by the writer and thinker sociopolitical Giustino Fortunato(infact immediately fell in love with the “beautiful Irpinia”),the chain of mountains of fever few (part of Appenino Campano and then southern Apennines) offers many opportunities for walking enthusiasts Trekking with a dense network of paths that we know of Accompagnatori Escursionisti fine for participating in […]

From Lecce, Bologna, and even Madrid and Marseille as a journalist in radio and local newspapers, then South America. Carlo Cascione creator and founder, along with Francesco Zabini, of Salento Bici Tour,to turn thirty, deciding to divide again, indeed to return: in Salento, the land of its origin. “I was a journalist, I liked, but I wanted […]