The excellence of Bel Paese (Italy), in a project of incredible craftsmanshipaims This a storyteller telling of tradition, craftsmanship and quality workmanship through,the talent of two guys:  Edoardo Poletto and Alessandro  Rigobello The idea: planning of bike creations and accessories finely crafted, makes Ozbikes, one of the greatest project design of the country. We are […]

A road trip with a camera and a backpack (third part) Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer Norbert Jouveau is a french shepherd-actor-hotelier-baker and cook that I met by pure chance, thanks to the magic of hitchhiking, along the way to Portugal. He gave me a lift in a country road and had the […]

A road trip with a camera and a backpack ( second part) Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer In the last episode, we have seen the many trials and adventures that have brought this homeless videographer towards Portugal, arriving in Guarda one week in advance before the first day of shooting for the documentary […]

A road trip with a camera and a backpack Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer Trailer When I became homeless I just packed a backpack and without thinking I went for the next work plan: filming  a two-weeks workshop at Upcycling- Ecodesign Bike Cafe in Salento , near Gallipoli, and the inauguration of a new […]

An example of community in harmony with the nature The growth  of sustainable and ecofriendly systems often coincides with targeted lifestyle choices. And therefore,  is inevitable that the attempt to restore the balance between man and nature, this path will lead the person to a way of life more aware. Green Village concept is entirely thought […]

Here you eat. Here you sleep. Here Sicily. Andrea Migliore telling of himself and "Vinciucci": tells of "home" and, at the end of this interview, you will definitely want to come see him. Why visiting Andrea? B & B Vinciucci, it is far from any hospitality fixed rule. As he says: Here is a party! Andrea after high school's [...]
Today, we are meeting  Aurelia Di Bella, owner at coop.lacoccinella. Aurelia, is actually running a sustainable activity. The store, is located in Ciserano ( Bergamo) and if you are nearby and looking for a place with healthy style products, this is the perfect place to go. Aurelia, tells the community about your experience, the personal [...]

From Lecce, Bologna, and even Madrid and Marseille as a journalist in radio and local newspapers, then South America. Carlo Cascione creator and founder, along with Francesco Zabini, of Salento Bici Tour,to turn thirty, deciding to divide again, indeed to return: in Salento, the land of its origin. “I was a journalist, I liked, but I wanted […]