“Go Tourist” is your guide to Sardinia

Eco itineraries to discover Sardinia.

Sardinia is the ideal destination if you want to combine relaxing holidays, nature and wonderful beaches. Eco Direction aims also to give visibility to initiatives that offer new ways to travel and explore.

We are going to discover Go Tourist Sardinia; but we also like to talk about people and ideas, then le’t’s know better Alioscia Pau, founder at Go Tourist Sardegna’ s project, tied to his land.

You will be impressed by the ability to conduct guided tours along different places with so much dedication and love, as everyone reports immediately back from Alioscia’s  excursions.

Alioscia started a few years ago with a small minivan to conduct small groups of people in some of his current tours. On returning from these eco itineraries along Sardinia, visitors were telling about the excellent guide and about  the professional and human level of him.

Great ideas and passion for his job brought him to create a genuine Agency Tours with dedicated, specialized Team. Many visitors in Sardinia rely to him to explore places and beautiful spots on the island. Some of the Eco Tours are Day-Tours to the beaches of Bidderosa, Lu Impostu, Bora Bora, Capo Coda Cavallo and other magnificent routes.

What enabled him to achieve his goal? Passion, determination and love for his land, helping to preserve the region’s beauty and providing also different and unusual itineraries.

Go Tourist Sardinia, lead in beaches where still stands a spotless and lush nature, with crystal clear water and places linked to deep and ancient traditions. Sardinia, in fact, is a region careful to guard its treasures and limit the massive influx of visitors, or rather, to minimize its impact.

With Alioscia not only goes on vacation, but his leadership allows live, explore the more hidden places of Sardinia, and the human side and empathetic that manages to convey allow visitors to take with them unforgettable memories.

The secret of Go Tourist Sardinia is to conduct guided tours, combining sustainability and passion, without neglecting the human side.

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