Green itineraries of Irpinia

In Irpinia,often referred to by the writer and thinker sociopolitical Giustino Fortunato(infact immediately fell in love with the “beautiful Irpinia”),the chain of mountains of fever few (part of Appenino Campano and then southern Apennines) offers many opportunities for walking enthusiasts Trekking with a dense network of paths that we know of Accompagnatori Escursionisti fine for participating in large part to their achievement and existing with periodic maintenance.

The trails are numerous and all of appreciable charm being feverfew in a position to allow the eye to admire breathtaking landscapes. From the peaks, a real terrace, visually we range in the hills of Irpinia Regional Park Picentini, Monti Lattari from the Gulf of Sorrento, Capri, Vesuvius, Ischia and Procida, still with his eyes to Baia Domizia, the Coast Caserta, to the Park of Taburno and Matese. So are more than 40 tracks of about 40 km route evolving to enjoy with wonder and peace with 4 mountain shelters, with the possibility of then being able to stop most days on the chain Mountains of feverfew; you can also do some routes by mountain-biking, and horseback riding in many places.

It should be noted that the Partenio Park is crossed by the “Italian path” that lovers of trekking know well and it makes’ from backbone to which are linked valley from most of the trails.

Also in Irpinia stands majestic mountain range of Picentini (part of Campania part then Southern Apennines), located in the south western region of Irpinia. Here are the highest peaks of the province: Mount Cervialto (1809 m.) In the municipality of Calabritto,the Terminio (1786 m.) In the municipality of Montella and partly of Serino, Mount Polveracchio (1790mt) also in the neighboring town Senerchia (fascinating site WWF “The Valley of the Hunt” with impressive waterfalls), just to mention the most important ones.

Caposele is another common hinterland Irpinia also known for its majestic body of water that rifocilla almost the entire Puglia; hence many paths climb up the mountains through forests, chestnut and beech forests with a remarkable presence of springs, rivers and waterfalls. Also interesting is the ancient village where the caves were located stone engaged if necessary in natural cellars where there is the presence of moisture so strong that it is visible in the form of ‘fog’.

In the town of Bagnoli Irpino there is also a famous ski resort in winter , the “Laceno”, located in a spectacular landscape formed by a plateau surrounded by mountains, which also features a lake that is formed by the accumulation of streams that descend into the valley due to the characteristic of karst present in almost all of Irpinia . Here of course you can wander everywhere with a large presence of trails trekking mountain biking, horse because being tourist spot receptivity has spread to every season also being a place of strong gastronomic vocation, for the presence of the famous black truffles Bagnoli, caciocavalli “podolici,” the chestnut of Montella and other products.

This area deserves a record here in part for all common Irpinia rich in genuine local products, fruits of the earth as a healthy, wholesome, and people skillfully manage to turn them into unique dishes inspired by the millennial ricettetradizionali passed and who still resist so strong is the bond with its territory.


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