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Local Community Development Project


Località Luceri
Phone 1
development project, ecological materials, Innovation, Sardegna, Startup, technology

Ideearti is the first step toward shining a new light on our island. It is an ambitious project conceived by a group of friends, all having skillsets and professional experiences abroad, whose primary goal is to create a new attitude and way of thinking. We are a cultural association unlike any other, whose objective is to be made up of people whose ideas and beliefs are atypical to the rest. We would like anyone who is willing to share their culture, professional background and would like to share their unique concepts to join. Ideearti is a safe environment which gives people the possibility to meet, share and cultivate their ideas without the fear of judgement or any other barriers that could preclude a person from being their authentic selfs. It gives the chance not only to receive praise, criticism or others inputs toward an idea, but it is a support system that finally gives the tools to achieve ones dreams.

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