Mountain Hut

Mountain hut Toppo del Monaco

The Alpine Refuge “Toppo of Monaco” (1230 meters above sea level) is in town Marensossa 100 meters from the WWF’s Oasis “Montagna di Sopra” in the location ‘Acqua delle Vene, area of Pietrastornina, Avellino, in the beautiful Del Partenio Park. The structure is completely new and designed with innovative construction techniques for mountain locations; It is equipped to accommodate disabled people, with a mobile chair that can accompany the guest on the top floor where there is the housing area. It can accommodate about 50 people, who can use of the structure and  services, and ejoy naturalistic places away from city noises when the “Accompagnatori Escursionistici” will be happy and willing to guide you on the numerous trails in the nearby woods, on the panoramic peaks, including ancient nevieres and charcoal still intact, unexplored, pristine sources and mystical caves and Historical places. Surely the lover of nature will not be bored, in fact is the prefect place  for those who want to break away for short and long periods from routine.

The mountain hut is equipped with 24 beds divided into 5 rooms, with its own bathroom.

It is also available to  create events or simple nature days trips.

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