Promoting conscious consumption and a planet Earth with more trees. 


    TRI is a social social enterprise born from the idea of Ben Fijal, student at green School Bali and his father Tim Fajal. Their mission is to act on climate change and plan concrete actions for reforestation and protecting forests.

    TRI has a shop of custom designed products that are fashionable, sustainable, multi-functional and educational. They come in various colour options and they’re made from up-cycled fabric. Each of it will tell you a story from Indonesia. TRI aims to reduce paper tissue trash & end the cycle of packaging waste.

    TRI  is using the profits from the sales to support grassroots organizations who are working to protect the Earth’s, stopping to stop deforestation in Indonesia.

    Current Projects;

    Repaired the Floating Library Boat

    Rehydrated peatland forest in Sabangau Forest

    Funded patrols who are protecting the Leuser ecosystem

    Trained more than 25 firefighting volunteers



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