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Ozbikes: Tradition and Innovation in a Bike

The excellence of Bel Paese (Italy), in a project of incredible craftsmanshipaims

This a storyteller telling of tradition, craftsmanship and quality workmanship through,the talent of two guys:  Edoardo Poletto and Alessandro  Rigobello

The idea: planning of bike creations and accessories finely crafted, makes Ozbikes, one of the greatest project design of the country. We are going to know them closely in order to share with the Community their experience.

Ozbikes is dedicated to the most popular vehicle of the last three centuries, holding high the value of Made in Italy in a design and quality unmatched.

For better understanding the idea, Edoardo explains how the project  Ozbikes became live; the project by Edoardo and Alessandro is the result of their passion for bikes, and the intent to create a product that would have bene an expression of Made in Italy, then, of materials from the area. In fact we have entitled” Verona “our first bike. the aim is to revive the various cities of Italy through our creations, in particular, through the details they use. A practical example is the wooden handle typical  of ‘ebanisteria’ in Verona”

Which is the winning idea of this product? The description says: ” Sttention to detail in every single element: the focus, also, on the creations of accessories, with the same passion and quality, without necessarily having to buy a bike, they would allow to let us know.”

Edoardo is also clarifying that the project  is not intended as a job but as a real passion which is  carried out with great dedication.”
We shared this Eco Direction, for the strength and the incredible message that is able to express.
A journey back into the history of Italian tradition, revisited in the form of design and craftsmanship for the most eco-friendly vehicle: the bike.

Discovery and exploitation of materials and characteristics of the territory, quality and passion are key points of Ozbikes.
Awaiting their next creations, you can view the project, more information and contact Ozbikes on Eco Direction.




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