A road trip with a camera and a backpack (third part) Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer Norbert Jouveau is a french shepherd-actor-hotelier-baker and cook that I met by pure chance, thanks to the magic of hitchhiking, along the way to Portugal. He gave me a lift in a country road and had the […]

Here you eat. Here you sleep. Here Sicily. Andrea Migliore telling of himself and "Vinciucci": tells of "home" and, at the end of this interview, you will definitely want to come see him. Why visiting Andrea? B & B Vinciucci, it is far from any hospitality fixed rule. As he says: Here is a party! Andrea after high school's [...]

In Irpinia,often referred to by the writer and thinker sociopolitical Giustino Fortunato(infact immediately fell in love with the “beautiful Irpinia”),the chain of mountains of fever few (part of Appenino Campano and then southern Apennines) offers many opportunities for walking enthusiasts Trekking with a dense network of paths that we know of Accompagnatori Escursionisti fine for participating in […]