A road trip with a camera and a backpack (third part) Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer Norbert Jouveau is a french shepherd-actor-hotelier-baker and cook that I met by pure chance, thanks to the magic of hitchhiking, along the way to Portugal. He gave me a lift in a country road and had the […]

A road trip with a camera and a backpack Filming stories, traditions and events  as videographer Trailer When I became homeless I just packed a backpack and without thinking I went for the next work plan: filming  a two-weeks workshop at Upcycling- Ecodesign Bike Cafe in Salento , near Gallipoli, and the inauguration of a new […]

An example of community in harmony with the nature The growth  of sustainable and ecofriendly systems often coincides with targeted lifestyle choices. And therefore,  is inevitable that the attempt to restore the balance between man and nature, this path will lead the person to a way of life more aware. Green Village concept is entirely thought […]

“Life in the woods” is the report made to raise awareness of the realities now spread to Portugal, where families from foreign countries, have decided to settle down and living ethical, sustainable and self-sufficient. There are many lands in Portugal, abandoned, often left at the mercy of eucalyptus monoculture crops, which are replaced with vineyards […]