Termine Grosso: experience and dedication lead to an Excellent Organic Wine

Termine grosso Cellars stands on 700 hectares of land between the towns of Roccabernarda and Cutro, in the province of Crotone, in the South of Italy, in Calabria.

The vineyards and the grapes are the result of the dedication and passion of Antonio Verga, entrepreneur, that thanks to his knowledge and energy, has created an innovative and organic wine production always linked to historical values and traditions of his family.

Organic Production:

Termine Grosso is self-sufficient and it draws on exclusively local raw materials. The cultivation takes place in a natural way, without any use of chemicals or harmful substances, eliminating the use of pesticides or invasive agricultural techniques. The organic production’s practise allows the preservation of organic substances in the soil, through the use of a form of low environmental impact agriculture.

Reuse of purified waste water:

Through a purification system, the rain water or unused water, instead of being dispersed in the environment, it is reintroduced, after purification, in the irrigation systems. This also guarantees continuous sourcing of water and the reduction of waste.

Cellar and wine:

The visit to  Termine Grosso cellars leads by a wide open spaces with the scenery of vineyards and livestock farms to the wine production facilities, to the cellars.

The building has been renovated from an old restored barn,the materials and furnitures create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

Annexe to the wine production facilities, there is the wine bar, and the kitchen. The wine bar is the space dedicated to wine tasting, accompanied by products and dishes only locally sourced and prepared on site. The wine houses in addition is opened to events and dinners.

Wines of excellence: Each name is linked to a story and to specific production methods. The selection of wines ranges from red, white, rosé and sparkling wine.


Don Fabrizio

Madame Giovanna

Luna Piena

Vino Novello

Giglio Nero

Gocce di Frisio

Don Fabrizio

Crete del Falco



The organic origin and cultivation technique make the products very different from a classic wine and a must-see if you are curious to new tastes.

Wine tasting and tours:

The cellars are open to the public at the  scheduled opening times, and , tours and wine tastings can be arranged by reservation for groups up 12- 15 persons. Antonio and Patrizia are happy to accompany visitors, in cellars and vineyards. Describe and tell the production of wine, in a welcoming and genuine atmosphere that tells about love for their work and for the earth, which for decades has given to the family, great satisfaction.

What makes  Termine Grosso “special”:

The cellars as well as the history of the family Verga, was born in a favourable geographical context and climatic weather. Sunny and mild climate for almost all year. The products are generally self-made and the job life in Calabria, until very recently, took place almost exclusively in farms contexts. Therefore farmers have deep knowledge about  the land and its fruits.

In a natural environment spotless and thus uncontaminated starting  your own organic and sustainable activity is also a great challenge.

 The big achievement for  Termine Grosso and the Verga family  comes not only by the high quality of the products, but in having dealt with great ease and preparation to grow up a company in a context where a productive activity comes up against the limits of a territory still under development.

The wine cellars  are just a few miles away from the most popular tourist areas  and accommodation facilities. It is easy and recommended to schedule a visit and wine taste,  in a journey that leads to admiration for the work, respect for the environment, for  company that also gives a breath to the local economy.

For bookings and enquires visit:


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