1. Foreword

Welcome to Eco Direction. The platform of activities and services sustainable.

The general terms and conditions for the use of services offered by Eco Direction are set out below, the same may be modified at any time by Eco Direction. In the case of changes that lead to a significant reduction in services, the customer has the right to withdraw, sending Eco Direction its communication within 30 days of receipt of variation contract, after which the changes will be deemed accepted by the Customer and fully binding on him.

The use of services and content offered by Eco Direction assumes and implies the full knowledge and acceptance of the terms set out below.


Unless otherwise mentioned, the contract has a duration of 12 months and is not automatically renewed on expiry, unless you are on the free Membership plan. Green Member can renew the contract sending an e-mail or visiting Eco Direction website. 

If the customer cancels this agreement before the end of the same, he is not entitled to any compensation for the period of service not enjoyed.

  1. Disclaimer
  1. Account and Password

At the end of the registration process to the Service, you get credit for an account (“ID”) and a password which the user himself is the sole and exclusive responsibility, including with regard to the activities undertaken be through their use.

The user therefore undertakes to:

  1. a) immediately notify Eco Direction any unauthorized use of your account and any other breach of security of which it becomes aware;
  2. b) exit from your account at the end of each session I’ve ever logged-in.

   You are aware that in order to regulate access to the Service, the personal authentication only requires verification of the ID and password. The user is then responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of your ID and password to access the Service. All transactions made through ID and password used by you will be automatically attributed to the same operations conducted and the requests made, without exception. You understand and acknowledge that Eco Direction can always produce, as evidence of transactions made by you and – more generally – of the relationship with the User, even evidence derived from the systems and procedures used by Eco Direction for regular access to the Service.


The Customer undertakes to use the services with the best of its ability, so as not to compromise, for the services offered by Eco Direction shared, stability, security and the quality of the Services, also in respect of other users. If there are proven reasons to suggest that the use of the customer potentially jeopardizes the stability, security and quality of services offered in sharing, Eco Direction reserves the right to discontinue providing the service with notice to be notified by e-mail at previous 48 hours.

The Customer also undertakes not to use the Services for illegal purposes and not to violate in any way all national and international standards.

In particular, the Customer agrees not to introduce and not to have others introduce content in violation of privacy, copyright and intellectual property, which could in any way harm or endanger the image of others or Eco Direction.

Eco Direction reserves the right to terminate the Service immediately if, in its final opinion or upon report by others, it believes that the Customer engages in activities in violation of obligations under the present contract. In this case, the client, after being notified by e-mail by Eco Direction, must immediately eliminate the causes for complaint or furnish adequate documentation proving full compliance with current regulations of his activities. If no immediate reply Eco Direction will have the right to terminate the agreement immediately.Customer acknowledges to be the sole and exclusive responsibility for the activities performed through the Service or directly or indirectly attributable to him, and even in cases where the customer has signed the contract on behalf of third parties authorized by him to use the Service . It acknowledges, in particular, to be responsible for the content and communications inserted, published, disseminated and transmitted on or through the Services. Therefore Eco Direction can not be held responsible in any way for criminal, civil and administrative wrongdoing committed by the Customer through the Service. The Customer undertakes to relieve and, in any case, to indemnify Eco Direction from any action, complaint, claim, cost or expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any failure by the customer of the obligations assumed.


Eco Direction remains the sole holder of property rights and economic exploitation of inventions and programs (including software, documentation and written programs, studies, etc.) and whatever else was prepared, it realized, or developed by means of services purchased by the customer , who is granted only a limited right to use and non-transferable.

Eco Direction does not represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any Content posted by writers or users. You acknowledge that any reliance on material posted will be at your own risk.



The service visibility “FREE” or “GREEN” is the publication of an information sheet with the customer text and pictures structured according to predefined graphic patterns and with the characteristics specified in the offer. The card will be published within the websites specified in the offer and managed by Eco Direction. The sites proposed to the customer are at the discretion of Eco Direction and may vary depending on geographic location and characteristics of the structure or service.


Updates and changes to the data can be requested by the customer via email and will be performed by Eco Direction within a reasonable amount of time. They carry up to three requests for changes over the life of the contract.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

placing any advertisements / banners on websites of Ownership Eco Direction, it is left to the exclusive discretion of Eco Direction

Eco Direction will offer the same to most advertisers;

ads will take turns showing the customer if, for a given target, there are advertisers or ads in excess of the available positions. Unless otherwise indicated, Eco Direction will have the right at any time to reject ads / banners and change its size. The Customer authorizes Eco Direction to use automated software to detect and analyze the Web sites linked to the Advertiser Services, so Eco Direction can assess the quality of the ad and its original goals.


In completing the registration procedures for the services, the customer is obligated to follow the instructions indicated on the website of Eco Direction and provide their personal data accurately and truthfully.

Eco Direction will be released from any commitment to the customer. In all cases, the customer is obligated to inform Eco Direction of any changes in their data whenever they are communicated. If then the Customer communicates inexact or incomplete data, Eco Direction has the right not to activate and / or suspend the service until the Customer rectifies these errors. Eco Direction reserves this right even in the event that the relevant bodies (eg. Banks or credit card holders) contest the payments made by the customer.


The Green Membership plan fee must be paid in advance on ecodirection.com and fully refundable within 30 days from subscription.

The payment of the services will have to be carried out so early, both for the activation, for both services renewals. Eco Direction reserves the right to vary at any time the prices of services. These changes will apply from the first renewal immediately after any such changes themselves. Invoices will be delivered electronically, by mail, to the address provided by the customer. In case of delayed payment the customer must pay interest on late payments.

In the event that the customer does not respect the terms of payment, or fails to pay the amount due to the Eco Direction, you will be sent a reminder by e-mail containing the invitation to provide for the payment of the invoice within the next 10 days and web pages of the Customer will be temporarily suspended until the regularization of the debt situation.

If the failure by the customer persists, it will be undertaken by Eco Direction, practice for the recovery of the credit, with all legal consequences. The days in which the services were to be suspended for non-payment, will not be either discounted or refunded.

All fees, unless specifically noted, are VAT excluded.


1. Eco Direction sells tickets, packages and other products as a disclosed agent, on behalf of promoters, artists and venues. We refer to these as “Green Members” on this page.

2. Any purchase of tickets, or other items, from Eco Direction will be subject to the terms and conditions and sales policies of the Green Members, which can be found on their respective websites.

3. Once purchased, tickets cannot be transferred or exchanged, unless Eco Direction or the Green Member agree with it.

4. When you place an order for tickets, you are offering to buy the tickets specified in your order. All tickets are subject to availability and orders are subject to acceptance by Eco Direction. Where we accept an order, we will confirm your purchase by email to that address set out in the booking form.

5. Tickets, packages and other products are not valid until you have completed your payment and such payment is received by Eco Direction.

Booking Service


Eco Direction being also a system provider of hotel and accommodation reservations online; as such structures it allows partners to provide services for the booking and “Visitors” to book at these facilities.

The accommodation has a responsibility to provide Eco Direction any information to be included on the Websites, information about the general structure and the rooms available for booking, details of fares and availability and the cancellation period. Structure information must be provided to Eco Direction in accordance with formats and standards laid down by Eco Direction. The structure has a responsibility to ensure that the information on the structure including the Web sites is always accurate and updated.

The structure will have to compensate Eco Direction for any claim made against Eco Direction by third parties regarding any erroneous information on the structure, for any claim arising from any (alleged) infringement of intellectual property rights (p. Eg. Regarding photographic material supplied by Structure). Complaints made by Guests are to be managed by structurally, without any mediation by Eco Direction. Eco Direction disclaims any and all liability in respect of the property in relation to a (temporary) failure of Web sites.


The guests are asked to provide details of the credit card to guarantee the reservation online. Eco Direction forward details of the credit card to the accommodation without verification. it is the responsibility of the structure always keep active in the e-mail address in order to address duly confidential details of the reservation and those in the web interface of the Guest Credit Card  forwarded to him by Eco Direction and to verify the validity of the details of such cards credit and the presence of sufficient funds at the time of / the night / the book / s.

In the event that the credit card does not offer any guarantee, the structure will invite the guest to guarantee the reservation in an alternative way. In the absence of ability or willingness of the client to do so, the property reserves the right to cancel the contract concluded with the Guest Lounge. In case of overbooking, the structure must provide the guest alternative accommodation of equal or better level for the same amount, will cover any additional cost incurred by the guest as a result of the new arrangement (p. Eg. Traveling in taxis to structurally replacement ) and will pay the commission to Eco Direction. The structurally indemnify Eco Direction for any claim arising from cancellations and / or overbooking.

Tickets and packages

1. You are entitled to a refund if:
i. the event is cancelled
ii. the event is moved to another date

2. In these circumstances, Eco Direction will not refund you but the Green Member is the only responsible.

3. Please note, it is your responsibility to check whether the event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue, and Eco Direction cannot guarantee that we will inform you of any changes to the event date, time or venue.

4. No refunds will be given in respect of lost or stolen tickets, after you have received them, and we will not be able to issue duplicate tickets to replace them.

5. All refund requests must be sent to Eco Direction via email no later than 14 days after the date of the event. We reserve the right to refuse refund requests received after that period.

6. If an event is rescheduled, refund requests will be valid until 14 days after the original date of the event.

7. If an event changes date and your ticket is then used at that event, your entitlement to a refund will be void.

8. Refunds will only be sent to the payment method you originally paid with.

9. It is your responsibility to check your tickets; mistakes cannot always be rectified.

10. You are responsible for reading all the information on an event listing before purchasing one or more tickets for that event. If you are unable to use the tickets due to factors that were stated in the event listing at the time of purchase, you will not be eligible for a refund.

11. You may have created multiple accounts on Eco Direction. When you purchase a ticket, it is your responsibility to keep track of which user account the purchase was made under. No refunds will be given if you cannot locate your tickets due to confusion over multiple accounts.

12. Rules of admission to events are determined by Green Members and venues, which may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account. Entry procedures may include security searches. You will not be entitled to a refund if you or your guests are refused entry or ejected from a venue due to your late arrival, or if you are unable to provide valid identification showing proof of age, or because you have broken the rules of the venue.  Doors may shut several hours before the end of event. It’s up to you to find out the last entry time from the Green Member as this will differ from event to event. You may be refused entry if you arrive too late. Any ticket you purchase from Eco Direction remains the property of the Green Member and is a revocable licence which may be withdrawn and admission refused at any time.


1. You and your guests are responsible for your (and their) own safety. You must comply with any safety regulations and announcements when attending the event and must comply with the reasonable instructions of any stewards, officials or any of our or staff or representatives at the event venue.

2. You are responsible for making your own arrangements to attend the event (and those of your guests) including travel and accommodation. Unless any item is specifically referred to in the description of the ticket (such as travel to and from the event venue), you should assume it is not provided.

3. Neither we nor the Green Member or event venue are liable for any failure to perform any obligation under this Purchase Policy or otherwise to the extent that the failure is caused by an event of force majeure outside of our control.

4. We will not be responsible for any business or economic losses including but not limited to: loss of profit; revenue; contracts; anticipated savings; or opportunity; or any other indirect loss that was not reasonably foreseeable to both us and you when the order was made.

5. Nothing in this Purchase Policy shall reduce or limit our or the Green Member’s liability for death or personal injury or damage to your property where caused by our negligence or by our deliberate act or omission.


The structure guarantees Eco Direction that the rate advertised on the Websites matches the best available rate for an overnight stay equivalent and the guest can not get a better rate by booking directly at the structurally or through other channels or other means.


The structure will have to pay to Eco Direction, a “Commission percentage” calculated on the total amount of reservations actually sold including any services (breakfast, half board, full board, extra beds, transfer, spa treatments, garage, etc. .) on the basis of the rates advertised on the site included the structure. No fee is payable to Eco Direction in case of no-show a cancellation made by the Guest. The commission rate is 10% for bookings were successful. An exception different agreements between the parties.


The Commission – Fee is payable on a monthly basis, in the month following the departure of the Guest. In case of cancellation or changes the structure will have to send an email to Eco Direction, before the departure date of the customer or the same day. Failure to comply will charge the property payment of Fee.

The reports of Online Reservations that have not been controlled by the Terms Maturity will be considered as confirmed and will be binding on both parties.

Eco Direction reserves the right to refuse to charge to the Structure Changes and adjustments of previous invoices.


Invoices Commission – Fee will be prepared in accordance with the reports of the Online Booking and any changes made to it before the policy deadline. Invoices are processed on a monthly basis and will be sent to the property by mail, fax or email. Payment must be made in accordance with the instructions on the invoice. In principle, once checked the amount of commission payable to Eco Direction through the interface of the Report Online Booking of reservations on the part of the structure, the liquidation of the respective invoices will always be done by direct debit or bank transfer, using the bank details indicated on the invoice.

In case of late payment, Eco Direction reserves the right to claim interest, to suspend the service contemplated by the Agreement and / or require a bank guarantee or other forms of financial assistance available from the structure. Eco Direction also reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, in the case of systematic late payment of invoices.


The Changes to the Structure of the Report Online Bookings, are monitored by Eco Direction for its accuracy. If monitoring reveals frequent inaccuracies in the data that are harmful to Eco Direction or a consistently high number of adjustments made by the Structure, Eco Direction reserves the right to reject any changes it deems to be illegal, to charge the costs incurred and to withdraw unilaterally the Contract with immediate effect.


Eco Direction has the right to promote the structure using the / the name / names of the structure in the marketing online, with e-mail marketing and / or pay-per-click (PPC). Eco Direction manages online advertising campaigns in its discretion and shall assume the costs. An exception different agreements between the parties.


Eco Direction can allow its users to insert or send material or reviews of their travel experiences, as well as the publication of charts, scores or other communications. Eco Direction will in no way responsible for such content. Eco Direction nonetheless reserves the right to cancel, at its sole discretion, without notice, messages or reviews.

Eco Direction also reserves the right to use such content to the sort criteria of search results and the lists available on their websites.

About Eco Direction

These Terms regulate the supply to customers the services offered by Eco Direction (“ecodirection.com”), headquartered in London.