The ideal nature of Green Village Concept

An example of community in harmony with the nature

The growth  of sustainable and ecofriendly systems often coincides with targeted lifestyle choices. And therefore,  is inevitable that the attempt to restore the balance between man and nature, this path will lead the person to a way of life more aware.

Green Village concept is entirely thought as community space for growth and development of man-nature concept. The idea comes from a personal choice, of Herve Georges, French origins, which has long lived in Portugal.

Herve, after dedicating himself to the management of a typical French crepèrie, has decided to reinvent and to undertake a way of life more peaceful, in harmony with the environment and with low power consumption. The research of this new balance begins to lay the foundations for a sustainable and self-sufficient community: Green Village .

Green Village Concept is located in Valdreu, in Northwest of Portugal, where there are different communities that are dedicated to off-grid activities, see also Simone Cannova’s reportage.

So far, Green village and has a large space for tents and a bungalow. The spaces are shared and energy consumption is minimized. Nestled in lush greenery, Green Village is also just a few miles away from the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the natural heritage of Portugal. The variety of wildlife and plant species of the Park, a rare and awesome landscape and ecological value, makes it one of the greatest natural attractions of the country. Interesting to note that the communities around the park, are still strongly tied to places, the relationship with the land and the local traditions.

Green Village’s concept

Green Village aims to restore that sense of humanity  which the great race to civilization has perhaps some extinct.

Re-appropriating of ourself, the contact with nature and living in open spaces, recreating a certain synergy between man and environment.

Building out houses with natural materials, developing a self-sustain community and engage in recreational activities and territory’s discovery.

Green Village’s basic concept is to pursue a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, through the practice of permaculture and hydroponics, due to the presence of the river and small waterfalls that surround it.


Wide is the proposed activities to practise, such as, hicking, permaculture and excursions along the territory.

Thanks to the French origins and the activity carried on for several years, you can also enjoy excellent French crepès.

Herve aims, to make Green village a meeting place to find out this magnificent corner of Portugal, opened to whom aim to dedicate a period of stay and rediscovering a style of natural and sustainable living. It is already possible to spend a few days at the community staying in the available space.

Herve’s duty continues in the intention of creating spaces and and accommodations that meet the criteria of sustainability and making the stay of guests a true and own retreat into nature. In this context any personal contribution is welcome. There are many tools that can be made available, such as garden tools, seeds for cultures, pots, reuse materials, reclaimed wood and recycle materials.

The project is open and aims to recreate a sharing environment. Anyone wishing to contribute to the project and spend a few days off can rent the spaces provided. It might also be interesting to exchange and share information using pre-existing models, providing details to continue the realization of the community and permaculture activities at Green Village.

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