Why running an activity of bio products?

Today, we are meeting  Aurelia Di Bella, owner at coop.lacoccinella. Aurelia, is actually running a sustainable activity. The store, is located in Ciserano ( Bergamo) and if you are nearby and looking for a place with healthy style products, this is the perfect place to go.

Aurelia, tells the community about your experience, the personal and work that has led you to open the coop.lacoccinella. Those who work in the project?

Back in 1992 we were several friends together, we wanted to open a productive activity. It has caught the idea to market organic products to improve our lifestyle, and to those who had turned to us, by offering products that are safe from a health point of view. Finally, and not least, to produce direclty our products do not pollute the earth.

What about the project? What are the products, how they are made?

We work cooperatively and we contacted several suppliers of organic products such as: Ecor Baule steering wheel, Probios, Ki, the lotus flower, and many others. We offer a range of food supplements: Long lite, Natural, Alchemy, Green remedies.
Our products can fit even for those who have allergies, intolerances and celiac disease. The products are suitable for those with special diets, or who prefer eating vegetarian and vegan. Personal care, is one of our priorities. For this we have a wide range of body products, make up, made exclusively from natural materials.

How much and in what way has contributed coop.lacoccinella, in the habits of the local community, and any visitors?

Over the years we have made several conferences, bringing in culture country for personal well-being. We organized several cooking classes where for a small fee, residents could participate and eat a complete dinner.All biological.

What is the relationship with your customers, and your services?

Ours is not just a store; it’s a real meeting place where we exchange ideas, information and tips of all kinds. The store also sells magazines like Nezus and Terra Nuova and offers many books that deal with health, organic agriculture, diet and personal growth.

How has it changed your life? What suggestions would you give to those who want to decide to embark on a similar path?

My life is very busy, the job takes me a long time, but it was my choice to do again.
For those wishing to embark on this path, I advice to have technical skills and above all passion. It ‘important!

 In addition to product quality, who derives more benefits from your activity?

The effects of an organic diet, are visible on themselves, in terms personal balance and promotes healthy living. A choice that is also reflected at the local level and in terms of reduced global pollution. The consumption of organic products, it helps to preserve our lands, from abandonment, to avoid the use of pesticides, and have lower production costs.

Are you planning any future projects?

I’d like my business to grow up and became even restaurant and infusions place of organic and natural products.



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